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Craving Massive Freedom? Start Your Own Business as a Virtual Assistant.

Updated: Aug 12

If you’re a go-getter looking for more freedom than your 9-5 allows for, then maybe becoming a virtual assistant would be right for you! A virtual assistant is just what it sounds like - a reliable source of support for small business owners who just happens to perform work virtually from their own office.

Starting a virtual assistant business is a sustainable way to make a living while working from home, without slimy selling to family, friends, and strangers in the DMs. You get to decide where, when and whom you work with. It allows you to use skills you already have to get started, but I bet you'll love learning the new tools and systems along the way too. Here's more about how starting a VA business can be life-changing.

Location Independence

It's pretty incredible to be able to run your business with just a computer and an internet connection! While the number of coaches and small business owners turning to virtual assistants for support continues to grow, you get to support them no matter where you are. If you're an expat like me, you'll be able to work from the country you live in. If you move a lot, you won't have to search for a new job every time you change locations. Or maybe you want to be a digital nomad, moving and traveling all over the world. As a VA, you get to take your biz with you just about anywhere you go!

Time Freedom

Being able to work from wherever you want is great, but imagine being able to set your own schedule too. If you want more freedom in your schedule, then being your own boss is exactly what you need. You set the boundaries and the schedule for your business! For me personally, this has been a game-changer. Every morning, I am able to wake up without an alarm, feed and take my pets on a walk, and truly enjoy my first cup of coffee before opening my home office for business around 9:00 a.m. Mornings feel so much better when you can allow yourself to be present in the moment instead of feeling rushed. Time freedom is a major perk for anyone looking to be able to support clients on a part-time basis without sacrificing being present for parenting, caretaking, traveling, or another job.

Dream Work + Dream Clients

Are you feeling a little under-fulfilled in your current work situation? Working in the online space grants you the opportunity to make a living by supporting dream clients through work you love doing. Whether your thing is social media, writing, tech, etc., you can turn that into a lucrative specialty as a VA.

Not only do you get to feel fulfilled by what you do, but you also get to partner with amazing clients whose businesses align with your values. Supporting other small business owners is extremely rewarding. You'll often get to see the impact your work directly makes in the lives of others through a ripple effect, first helping your clients which in turn allows them to help their clients.

Opportunity to Grow

Starting your business is super exciting, and it is important to remember that regardless of how you begin, you are always free to grow and change things up along the way. As a VA, you get behind-the-scenes experience working with so many parts of different businesses, so you might decide to increase your rates, change your niche, or change your entire business - you are in charge! As you learn new systems and gain new skills, you just might be surprised with where your business will end up taking you! Many virtual assistants grow into copywriters, social media managers, online business managers, project managers, coaches, among other things.

Free Training to Get Started

As you can tell, entering the online space as a VA changed my life. It has allowed me to live in Costa Rica for the past three years. I get to enjoy more time doing what I love and connect with extraordinary people. That is why I'm on a mission to help other women realize their value and take charge of their futures.

If you’re eager to become a part of the online space and create a huge impact while working from home (or anywhere in the world), then grab my free VA Success Kit to help you get started with clarity, ease and confidence! Pick a zero-distraction zone so you can focus on setting up your business for success!

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