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How to Set Yourself Up For Success in 2021

Updated: Feb 25

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year for entrepreneurs. No, I’m not talking about Christmas. Although I’ll admit, I do love watching holiday movies, and I may or may not have already watched Christmas Vacation more than once. I’m talking about New Years'! The New Year brings a whole new realm of possibilities for you and your business!

Transitioning from one year to another is always exciting, but it’s even more exciting when you’re picking out your new planner, updating your yearly content calendar, setting your new goals, and making those big plans for your business.

With all of that in mind, how do you set yourself and your business up for success? Not just in the New Year, but for all the years to come? In today’s blog, we are going to go over exactly how you can create all the success you want in 2021 and beyond!

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that you’re not going to set yourself up for success by reading this blog and taking some notes. True success comes from taking action on all those things that you write down on that paper. In order to see success, you must take action - always!

Today, we are going to talk about two key areas. One will help you look at what has worked in the past, and the other will help you easily recreate more and more of that success!

So, the first area that we are going to talk about is data. Data tells the story of your business and can be an indicator of success as well as areas that could use some improvement. So, we want to look at the last three years of your business to see where you were successful, and also be aware of the areas that need some work!

It’s important to understand that we aren’t just talking about the data from your sales to determine what worked and what didn’t. We actually have to look at your email subscribers to see how many new subscribers you brought in each year and how many you converted into paying customers. This starts to piece together the picture of your sales process and which parts worked for you and your business.

Let’s get started with running those first data reports. With each of these reports, I want you to run it both per month and per year. This will help you get a full look at short-term and more long-term data trends in your business. Now, I want you to run the reports for your finances. Run a report so you can see what you made as well as what was issued in refunds so you can get a clear picture of where money came in and out. Then move over to your email list and run those reports. Remember, run the by the month and then by the year!

Take a look at the performance of your social media accounts too so we can keep track of ad spending and any sales that came through paid ads. We want to get a crystal clear picture of what was working for your business and what wasn’t.

Once you have all of the data pooled, I want you to take a look at any times that you were launching or doing any promotions. See if any of those periods line up with any spikes in your data. This is going to be important so that you understand where the spikes in your data come from. It likely wasn’t an accident, but from an action that you took! Having all of this data in front of you is going to allow you to set reasonable goals that you know you can achieve. It will also help you to ramp up the amount of time and effort you put into processes that worked for your business, to help you create even more success!

One of the keys to running a successful and scalable business is finding areas and actions that led to success and repeating them, so do not skip this step! It is an important part of setting yourself up for success in the New Year. It is also important to know and understand this data so you can set goals for yourself that are based on your business, your growth, and your journey - not someone else’s. When you compare your business and your journey with someone else’s, you’re setting yourself up for failure, confusion, and inauthenticity.

This next area is something I preach all the time, and you might be sick of hearing me talk about it but I truly believe that in 2021, more than ever, having a solid digital marketing strategy is key. Without this, you’ll be spinning your tires!

The online world is going through a complete evolution. The way that people connect with businesses and how they make their purchasing decisions is different than it used to be. I want you to make sure that you have set yourself up for success with a true online marketing strategy. If you don’t have a strategy that works for you and your business, then you are not going to see the results you want!

Things that got people to buy years ago no longer work. Our customers have endless options and they are craving a real connection with you! They will only spend their hard-earned money on a brand or person that they know, like, and trust! I also really want you to think about where you want to be in two years or even five years from now. Yes, I know, your vision, business plan, and ideas will change a lot along the way. But you have to know where you’re going in order to get there!

When you’re building out a strategy for your business, you want to make sure that you are consistently marketing your business. You need to look at your evergreen content, emails, webinars, and social media content all as areas that need strategy development. This isn’t just about setting up a strategy to help you make a certain amount of money. It’s about setting up a master plan for your content, your marketing, your advertising, and your own professional development! You want your game plan to be mapped out so that you know what you are doing in the New Year.

If you aren’t sure what this should look like, grab your spot in my free webinar where I will teach you exactly how to set up a strategy that is based on consistency! This training will help you plan what you need to consistently execute your business strategy. Remember, this strategy is the blueprint for your business in the New Year, so setting it up effectively is what is actually going to create success for you and your business!

You must be consistent in your marketing, your advertising, your branding, your pitching, your coaching, your launching, and everything else. Everything you do should be consistent with the strategy that you have set up. Be a contributor to making your ideal customer a better person. Be a positive influence and aim to help your ideal customer win before they spend a single penny with you. Be memorable in your marketing and in the actions that you take, But, most importantly, be consistent and authentically you in your business! Commit to being that guiding light for your ideal customer in their journey.

Are you ready to bring consistency to your digital marketing strategy and fully step into ideal client attraction? If so, I have a totally free training that is going to give you the steps you’ll need to take in 2021 to consistently market your business and set up a strategy that brings your ideal customer directly to you!

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