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My Favorite Free Chrome Extensions for Online Business Productivity

Updated: Aug 12

If you’re tech-savvy, then you probably know all about Chrome extensions. Adding extensions to your Chrome browser can make your user experience more convenient. The extension icons you add will appear on the right-hand side of your address bar in Chrome. These extensions allow you to save time and simplify your life working online. Here are some of my favorite free Google Chrome extensions!

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

Do you find yourself getting side-tracked when you log into Facebook for business purposes, but then see your friends' latest posts on your news feed? If so, then grab the free News Feed Eradicator for Facebook extension. This one hides your news feed when you visit Facebook on your desktop to eliminate noise and help you stay on task. I get it. In order to grow your socials and connect with people in groups or support clients, you have to be on Facebook, but it’s time to stop the mindless scrolling! This extension will make your time spent on social media more intentional!

Facebook Pixel Helper

Facebook Pixel Helper is a must-have for tech VAs wanting to retarget website visitors to boost sales conversions! After you build or update a page, you can use this extension to verify that your Facebook Pixel is set up correctly. Use Facebook Pixel Helper to troubleshoot pixel issues before they negatively impact your client's conversions. Once you have Facebook Pixel Helper installed, simply go to the website you want to check, click on the extension icon and the extension will show you if a pixel has been installed on that page - it will even tell you which event(s) will be captured for visitors of that page!

Tailwind Publisher

Tailwind Publisher is the perfect Chrome extension for social media VAs. We know Pinterest is a must if you’re working to drive traffic to websites and blogs, and it can be a hassle to schedule pins in advance. Instead of hopping on Pinterest every day to pin, try using Tailwind Publisher. Not only can you schedule pins, quickly add pins to your Tailwind drafts, and repin in bulk, you can also see all the shareable images on a webpage with one click and share them!


This extension isn't necessarily as practical as the others listed so far, but it is definitely one of my favorites. If you want to get a quick pick-me-up each time you open a new tab in Chrome, try installing Momentum. This extension replaces your new tab screen with beautiful images and positive affirmations that you can even customize based on your daily goal. I hope this one helps you feel a little extra motivated as you move through your day!


Colorzilla is another one for the tech and social media gurus reading this! Colorzilla is perfect for when you’re building a sales page or designing graphics and need to find the exact color code to use. Simply navigate to a page that has the branded color you want to match, click on this Chrome extension, and then hover over the color you want to copy. It's a quick way to grab color codes from a client’s site to keep their branding cohesive. You'll be surprised how often this trick comes in handy!


Grammarly has been around for a while and I'm sure you've seen their ads on YouTube, but did you know that even the free version of Grammarly is super useful, and it has a Chrome extension? Grammarly's extension will check your spelling and grammar in emails and website editors, and then prompt you to make corrections right from your browser!


GoFullPage is so useful when you need to submit a sales page or design for review to a client. With a regular snipping tool, you're limited to being able to screenshot only what appears on the screen without scrolling up or down to capture the full page. That's where this extension comes in! Simply click the extension icon to screenshot the entire page and save it as either a PDF or photo. This is fabulous for being able to efficiently capture one easy-to-share file!


LastPass is a password manager that securely stores your passwords and sensitive information, and the Chrome extension is a must-have for teams and virtual assistants. After storing passwords, clients can securely share their account passwords with team members via LastPass and when you go to the page to log in, the Last Pass extension will automatically fill in your client's credentials. The beauty of LastPass is that it allows you to share controlled access to your accounts without actually having to write out the password and give it to someone. Access can also be instantly revoked should a team member no longer require entry into a certain account. LastPass makes logging in and out of sites much easier and safer for you and your clients!


Loom is a video recording extension that allows you to record short videos for free. You can share your screen, enable your microphone and/or record yourself using your webcam. Loom is excellent for recording short videos for new clients or team members and can even be used to create video tutorials to help you build up your business processes library! The free account allows for up to 100 stored videos with a recording limit of 5 minutes each.

I hope this list will help you run your online business more smoothly. What are your favorite free extensions?

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