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The Perks of Starting A Virtual Assistant Business

Updated: Aug 12

If you’ve been looking for a career that can give you more freedom than your 9-5; then maybe becoming a virtual assistant would be right for you! Being a VA means that you have time and location freedom as well as the opportunity to run your own business exactly the way you want to!

Location Freedom

When you start your virtual assistant business, you get to work from anywhere you want as long as you have a computer and reliable internet connection! There are clients all over the world looking for help in their own businesses. You can support them no matter where you are. Many virtual assistants live as digital nomads, moving and traveling all over the world. Say goodbye to the burden of needing to start the job search process each time you move. If you’re looking for the opportunity to see the world and make an income, then virtual assisting could work for you!

Time Freedom

Being able to work wherever you want is great, but imagine working whenever you want to! If you want more freedom in your schedule, then being your own boss is exactly what you need. You make the rules and set the schedule of your business! If you only want to work part-time, you can schedule your VA work around whatever you already have on your plate. You also will save a ton of time since you no longer have to commute to and from work (a super bonus during winter months)!

Do What You Love

Are you feeling a little under-fulfilled in your current position? Working in the online space grants you the opportunity to become an expert in your favorite area of business! If you love social media, data entry, launch support, video editing, website building, etc. then you can specialize in it as a VA. This means you can pick and choose the tasks you do, keeping you fulfilled and enjoying your work!

Support Other Business Owners

The best part about having a virtual assistant business is getting to choose your clients. Imagine having a say in every single person you surround yourself with at work. You can get to partner with people who inspire you and work alongside people who light you up. Supporting other business owners is extremely rewarding and allows you to grow your business while also honing your skills!

Opportunity to Grow

Over time, you will be introduced to areas of business you did not even know existed! Plus, new tools and trends will allow you to keep learning and finding your zone of genius. You will learn new tasks, gain new skills, and be able to change your business as you grow. If you decide that you want to increase your rates, change your niche, or change your business model altogether, you can!

Becoming a VA

Being a VA gives you the chance to take back control of your life! You could have time and location freedom while owning your own business. You can do the work that you want while supporting your clients on your own schedule!

Ready to start your VA business? Be sure to check out my Freebies page. There, you'll find free resources to help you get started with clarity, ease and confidence!

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