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Webinars That Captivate + Connect

Updated: Aug 12

Ever attend a webinar that was really just an hour-long sales pitch?

Yeah, me too.

Not a good time, right?

That’s why it’s so key to remember the golden rule -- serve before selling!

Webinars are the perfect chance to wow your attendees by helping them achieve a win, earning their trust, and showing them you get it and how amazing it would be to work with you!

Here are 4 tips to offering a webinar that captivates, connects and converts! (#4 is my FAVORITE!!)

#1 - Invite Hot + Warm Leads

Let your current audience in your webinar, plus make sure your FB Pixel is set up on your website so you can retarget warm leads on FB/IG Ads by setting up create a custom audience of your past website visitors.

**Bonus Tip: You don’t need to start promoting earlier than 1 week before your live webinar. People will be most excited and most likely to show up LIVE if they register within 1 week of your webinar date.

#2 - Stay Top of Mind!

Remember to send reminder emails leading up to your live webinar. I like sending 3-day, 1-day, 3-hour, and 1-hour reminders. In each email, you’ll want to clearly state the name and time/date of the webinar, along with providing the access link.

In your 3-day and 1-day reminder emails, you can share testimonials, a client’s journey, or your story, along with reminding them of the key points they’ll learn at your upcoming webinar. Keep them excited about it!

In the 3-hour reminder email, you can review what they’re going to learn, and in the 1-hour reminder email, I like to simply put the webinar name, time/date and access info.

#3 - (Over) Deliver!

If the pain points your webinar promised to help with can only be discovered in your paid offer, you’ll want to revisit your webinar’s purpose. ‘Giving too much away’ isn’t a concern when your webinar aims to deliver solutions that should be discovered BEFORE someone enters your program or buys your service. So identify your audience's immediate problem and craft an amazing webinar that solves it.

For the best results, just make sure the key takeaways you promised your audience are crystal clear and actionable, plus throw in a bonus tip or freebie to over-deliver.

#4 - Take It Evergreen

You’ve offered an amazing, live webinar that solved a pain point for your future clients – yay!

Now you can turn the recording of your live webinar into an evergreen webinar. Automation is so key to growth!

Just tweak the opt-in page for your live webinar so that it’s now offered on-demand, and make necessary changes to your email sequence so that it makes sense as an on-demand offering.

Your juicy webinar will be ready for whenever your future clients are ready to watch it, and best of all, since you’ve already put so much care into making it amazing, it can now run on autopilot and keep attracting your people without taking any extra time out of your day. Psst...Everwebinar is a great tool for this.

Follow these tips for your next webinar and let us know what your results are! You got this!

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